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eyeSIGHT VR Treatment for Lazy Eye

See the Future.

About eyeSIGHT

We expand upon already proven techniques by creating a virtual framework that allows full customisation of variables and exclude outside factors in order to make the treatment as efficient and pleasant as possible. Our product is a medical device which treats lazy eye using virtual reality in order to force the use of the bad eye. We use off the shelf parts (VR-capable PC, Virtual Reality Headset – HTC VIVE) for our device and develop the software in house. The VR environment allows for interactive and engaging activities aimed mostly at children aged 5-13, inspired by popular computer games and fun real-life activities with a twist. The current environment features a potion-making minigame combined with the lazy-eye treatment framework.

How It Works?





I really had fun!

6 years old boy

Easy to use. The future of amblyopia treatment.

Ophthalmologist, 48 years

Our Team

Antoniu Vulpe

Andrada Farcaș

Andrei Hălălai

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